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The Business TO-GO Kit

In much the same way we need to have a to-go bag in case of natural disasters and electrical grid failure, business owners, need a to-go kit for their organizations.

When Covid-19 hit us like a storm, small businesses were scrambling to compile a list of documents to apply for grants and loans. We suggest organizing the following list in a cloud file. Of course, good old fashion paper files will give some of us additional comfort in case of business interruption or emergency.

We cannot fully predict what a grantor or loan program will require, but we do suggest you start with the following:

Company Bio

If you need a short bio for your business, we advise you to construct one. If you are not a great writer, visit platforms like Fiverr or Upwork to hire a writer. If you are in a rush, revisit the About section on your website.

The company bio should include the formal company name and DBA, where applicable, location(s), and the year the company was founded. Illustrate the products and services and the value provided to the consumer base. Other elements to consider are awards, milestones, successes, and community involvement.

Professional Bio

This is your time to shine as a business owner. Similar to your business bio, it should provide a short narrative about your professional prowess. Share your credentials, awards, expertise, and inspiration. Let people know you are more than your business by sharing hobbies or fun information to help you connect with the reader.

1. Proof of Gross Receipts Loss or Other Economic Hardship

Business Income Tax returns for the last two years. Note: full and complete, unaltered federal tax returns for each year are often required (including all schedules and statements). 

  1. For corporations and LLCs – include IRS Form 1120 

  2. For partnerships – including IRS Form 1065 and Schedule K-1 

  3. For sole proprietors – include IRS Form 1040 Schedule C 

  4. For sole proprietor farming businesses – include IRS Form 1040 Schedule F 

  5. Completed IRS Form 4506-C

2. Proof of Business Organization

Access to the following: 

  • Current Business License

  • Current Business Certificate

  • Certificate of Organization

  • Certificate of Assumed Name (DBA)

  • Certificate of Authority

  • Articles of Incorporation

  • EIN number

3. Proof of Business Location and Current Operation 

Access to the following documents: 

  • Current lease or Current business mortgage statement

  • Utility bill

  • Current business bank statement

  • Business credit card statement

  • Professional insurance bill

  • Payment processing statement

  • Sales tax collection documentation.

4. Banking

  • Last three months’ bank statements

  • Canceled check

5. Schedule of Ownership

  • Listing of names, addresses, Social Security numbers (or, for non-US owners, Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers), phone numbers, e-mails, percentage ownership, and photo ID (driver’s license, state-issued ID, passport) for any owners with 20% or more ownership of the business.

6. Proof of the Number of Employees

  • Payroll documents and state filing, i.e., New York State NYS- 45

7. For Funds Distribution

  • W-9 and bank account information

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