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Let’s fire up your ideas.

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The Immersive demystifies the critical steps all founders need to nail in order to turn a dream into a thriving reality. This business plan immersive will put you on schedule to launch your goals with confidence and guide you through writing your plan -- from financials all the way through to marketing.

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Did you know you have psychic superpowers? You will, after this course! We help unveil what your next 12 months look like, leaving your view of the future laser-focused. Forget just reacting to events as they happen; it's much easier (and less expensive) to outline your goals and create a strong place from which to pivot as necessary. Crystal Ball not included.


You finally came up with your "Big Idea", but where do you go from here - and how should you even start? We work hand-in-hand with you to flesh out your inspiration and fine-tune your goals to create a solid, sustainable plan and a pathway to set it all in motion. Who knows? That idea may be even bigger than you think!

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It's one thing to be a mom-and-pop shop or to be doing relatively well selling online - It's a whole other ballgame to scale up to big box. This workshop helps you go big, the RIGHT way. Understand what it takes to start those conversations, author the RIGHT kind of partnerships, and prepare for next-level growth.


Do what you love, and you'll never work a day in your life. But just how true is this claim? Should you move your passion project from hobby to full-time income? The IMpassion workshop helps participants decide if they really want to follow a path to entrepreneurship or leave the side hustle to the side.

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