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Did you know you have psychic superpowers? You will, after this course! We help unveil what your next 12 months look like, leaving your view of the future laser-focused. Forget just reacting to events as they happen; it's much easier (and less expensive) to outline your goals and create a strong place from which to pivot as necessary.

Crystal Ball not included



ImVision is for folks who have active businesses in 1 of 3 phases we call, Crawl, Walk, or Run. We also welcome those high-octane side hustlers. If you're looking to get ultra-efficient, be able to see the next year of your business clearly, as well as create and execute against strong goals, then this is for you!


Through a series of exclusive deep thinking, anticipating, and reacting exercises designed to flex your founder muscles, we future-proof and triple test your ideas. No more guesswork; you'll leave this session knowing if those ideas sink or swim. You can come up for air when we're done.


No foresight leads to saying, "hindsight is 20/20". This workshop is all about time, which is why we get that GO FORWARD plan down in one session. A lean mindset is all about QUALITY over quantity.


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