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The Sandwich Generation Redefined

Solving for Generational Limits Using Business Strategy

A funny thing happened to me while building Idea Manufacturer, a Black woman-owned business consultancy. I happily found myself a member of the sandwich generation. (If you are unfamiliar with the term, it applies to middle-aged people caught between aging parents and their young children).

My membership in this group came in the form of a business opportunity. Like myself, most Idea Manufacturer’s clients belong to Generation X; however, over time, we have discovered two distinct segments of our clientele that act as the “two bread ends” of the sandwich: millennials and baby boomers.

While their defining characteristics are not similar, these segments fit together like puzzle pieces. Let me explain.

The millennial clients we service are on the younger side of our target audience. While they have scalable business goals, they often need more tenure to fuel their ambition.

On the other hand, our baby boomer clients have built solid businesses celebrating 25 or more anniversaries. However, while tending to the day-to-day, technology and modern marketing innovation were missed.

So, as you can see, their challenges are distinct, but their needs overlap. This is where Idea Manufacturer’s business strategies play a role; I guess you can say we bring the condiments to the recipe; we add the flavor.

Our millennial clients most utilize our Square 1 packages and Business Event services. Our skills refresh or kick-start their missions and guide our clients (step-by-step) through a scalable and profitable business plan. Millennials also prefer to deliver experiential concepts to their customer base, where our expertise in business events takes center stage.

We offer Business Management and Strategic Maneuvers packages to solve our baby boomers’ business challenges. Our hands-on approach, paired with core business practices and analytics, positions our clients’ organizations to compete with a modern edge.

Being sandwiched between baby boomers and millennials, professionally, allows my firm to provide small business management advice considering generational obstacles successfully.

Are you a Gen X, millennial, or baby boomer running a business? Are you looking for fresh, innovative business insights considering your generation’s unique opportunities?

Contact us today!

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